Religious Facilities & Services

Religious Facilities & Services

Without personal and spiritual development, there cannot be sustainable development. The construction of a masjid is an integral part of STP’s integrated sustainable village program. Masjids are the places where people can grow spiritually and personally. Masjids also serve as community centers and places of learning. They are where people come together in worship, where men and women can find comfort and support, and where children learn to read.

SSK Jamia Masjid Thar

SSK Jamia Masjid was completed in 2020 in SABMOH I village. The Jamia Masjid has become a significant landmark of the area and can easily accommodate more than 500 people for a religious or social gathering. There is a separate Ladies’ Center which can accommodate an additional 100 people. The Center is also used for educational and recreational events for kids.

Women and Children Learning Center

The SSK Jamia Masjid also acts as a sacred learning center for the local villagers and as a center of learning and worship for visitors from across the region. Our 5,000 square foot facility exhibits modern architectural features with high ceilings, Hala tile accents, and abundant natural light. This design is balanced with state-of-the-art technology to create a welcoming and beneficial space for all. Dedicated areas are present in both the men’s and women’s halls for parents with younger children, allowing the entire community to feel comfortable in the space.

What was unique about this centre is that on top of providing education to children in reading the Quran, it also provided a space for adult women to learn how to read and recite the Quran or improve their knowledge to the point of becoming educators, making it an ideal space for adult women, particularly reverts to Islam, to further their Islamic education.

Free Food Program

Everybody is entitled to have food and water, and we would like to help everyone! With that mission in mind, the SSK Jamia Masjid, for the past year, has been providing a free hot meal every week. Meals are provided every Friday after the Jumah prayers and run throughout the year.

A free iftar program starts during Ramadan and runs daily during the month of Ramadan.