Ramadan Mubarak!
I am pleased to inform you that Save the People International is now officially a Registered Canadian charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This means that all Canadian donations made to Save the People International will be issued tax receipts. I am also happy to inform you that we are working towards IRS tax exemption for US residents.

We aim to continue supporting impactful projects in interior Sindh areas that will guarantee transformational change for generations. We are expanding our Board membership, which will oversee the foundation’s governance and the distribution of funds for our program’s long-term strategy. We want to welcome Ms. Parvin Shere as our new board member. Ms. Parvin has composed and produced her musical work for UNICEF to help raise funds for underprivileged children globally. She worked with the Government of Manitoba, Canada, at the Film Classification Board for 14 years. She formally developed her talent for painting at the University of Manitoba, Canada, Fine Arts Program. To learn more, please visit www.parvinshere.com/about.

When the establishment of Save the People International was announced, we also announced our commitment to the Eco-Village Philosophy— “a community that is consciously designed through locally owned participatory processes in all four dimensions of sustainability (social, culture, ecology, and economy) to regenerate social and natural environments.”

This represents a four-pillar development model in all our villages, ensuring long-term sustainability. We are fully committed to working closely with community leaders to fulfill this commitment in the coming years. As intended, these projects will be entirely run by communities, which will eventually have the local capacity to plan for future needs and to lead continued change.

I would also like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the two villages which we started last year under the integrated sustainable village program (ISVP), namely SABMOH-III (Phase 3) and Ahmer Jo Goth. The villages were targeted to be completed during the month of Ramadan 2023, and Alhamdulillah, so far, we are on schedule. SABMOH-III consists of 17 houses, and Ahmer Jo Goth consists of 16 houses rehabilitating approximately 200 people in the two villages.

Over the next five years, we aim to transform the quality, accessibility, and impact of health and education in our villages by partnering with community leaders, families, and local governments. These partnerships will result in significant improvements in health care, access to clean water, financial literacy training, economic opportunity, and food security, empowering these communities to thrive.

We invite you to join us in this incredible transformation journey – we believe these are not your people, not my people; we’re all ONE people. So, join us at Save the People International and support our cause by donating generously!
Warm wishes.