Access to Education

Access to Education

Under this program, Save The People International, in partnership with the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), will develop appropriate ways for educating underprivileged groups and children who live under difficult circumstances. One approach is to employ technology to deliver education remotely to attain this goal. We believe if the technology is used appropriately, it can provide access to education to children who might otherwise be deprived of it.

One persistent challenge of using technology in remote, low-income communities worldwide is that most products, services, usage models, expertise, and research related to technologies used in remote education come from high-income contexts and environments. Keeping these challenges in mind, our program consists of the following related practices and initiatives:

Online content for
offline use

In places where Internet connectivity is sporadic, unreliable, or intermittent, we will apply creative approaches to caching and delivering digital content that can enable offline access to vast numbers of online resources in ways that can replicate online settings. We will employ the use of low-cost e-readers (small, purpose-built low-cost reading devices) to distribute many books in digital formats on which the students can read the materials.

Access to Education

Supporting teachers with mobile phones

In remote communities where teachers may face daunting challenges related to the isolation of peers and a lack of resources (including textbooks and other teaching materials), mobile phones will help support teachers in small but meaningful ways by providing access to educational content and constant cues and instruction on how to utilize this content. Short quizzes can be delivered to the students via SMS to their mobile phones to help them (and their families) assess how well they understand topics taught in class.

Online Learning

The programme will provide opportunities and access to learning anytime/anywhere, expanding the availability of courses to all students regardless of location, fostering additional faculty and student engagement, enabling personalized learning, and making online education more accessible to students in remote areas.

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