Empower Change: Canadian Muslim Charity with STPI

Welcome to Save the People International (STPI), a Canadian Muslim charity dedicated to creating lasting positive impacts in the lives of underserved communities, particularly in Pakistan’s impoverished areas. Through our unwavering commitment and collaborative efforts, we strive to uplift communities, foster development, and empower change. Headquartered in Ontario, our organization’s mission transcends borders, embodying the essence of compassion and unity.

About Us

STPI is not just a charity; it’s a movement driven by the desire to bring about real change in the world. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to create a better tomorrow for those who need it most. Founded by Canadian Muslims who understood the importance of giving back and making a difference, our organization’s principles are deeply rooted in the teachings of compassion, generosity, and social responsibility.

Our Mission

At STPI, our mission is clear: to uplift the lives of underprivileged individuals and communities in Pakistan’s impoverished areas. We believe that everyone deserves access to basic necessities, education, and opportunities that can lead to a brighter future. By focusing on sustainable development, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and create self-reliant communities.


Empowering Change in Pakistan

With a dedicated focus on Pakistan, STPI recognizes the unique challenges faced by communities in the region. We work closely with local partners and organizations to identify areas of need and implement effective solutions. Our initiatives span a range of critical areas:


Education is a cornerstone of progress. STPI is committed to building schools, providing scholarships, and improving educational infrastructure in underserved areas. By investing in education, we equip individuals with the tools they need to shape their destinies.


Access to proper healthcare is a fundamental right. We establish medical clinics, provide essential medical supplies, and conduct health awareness campaigns to ensure that even the most vulnerable individuals have the opportunity to lead healthy lives.

Livelihood and Skills Development:

We believe in creating opportunities for individuals to become self-sufficient. Through vocational training programs and support for small businesses, we enable individuals to gain valuable skills and generate sustainable income.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean water is a basic necessity that many communities lack. STPI undertakes projects to provide access to clean and safe drinking water, along with sanitation facilities, promoting better health and hygiene practices.

Emergency Relief:

In times of crisis, STPI is there to provide swift and effective assistance. Whether it's natural disasters or unforeseen emergencies, we stand ready to provide relief and support to affected communities.

Impact in Ontario and Beyond

While our focus is on Pakistan, STPI’s reach extends beyond borders. Our presence in Ontario allows us to engage with the local community and raise awareness about our mission. By fostering a spirit of empathy and collaboration, we empower individuals in Ontario to be agents of positive change, both locally and globally.

Get Involved

Empowering change requires collective effort. STPI invites you to join hands in making a difference. Here’s how you can get involved:


Your time and skills are invaluable assets. Join us in organizing events, awareness campaigns, and initiatives that create lasting change.

Spread Awareness

Sharing our mission can have a ripple effect. Follow us on social media, engage with our content, and help us raise awareness about the challenges faced by underserved communities.


Collaboration amplifies our impact. If you represent an organization or a business that aligns with our mission, let's work together to create a better world.

What we do

Our Programmes

The STPI Difference

What sets STPI apart is our unwavering commitment to transparency  accountability, and long-term impact. We ensure that your support reaches the intended beneficiaries, and we measure our success through the positive changes we witness within the communities we serve.


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An eco-village is “a community that is consciously designed through locally owned participatory processes in all four dimensions of sustainability (social, culture, ecology, and economy) to regenerate social and natural environments.”

Join the Movement

STPI is not just a Canadian Muslim charity; it’s a movement of compassionate individuals working together to empower change, uplift lives, and create a brighter future. By focusing on underserved communities in Pakistan’s impoverished areas and fostering partnerships in Ontario and beyond, we believe in the transformative power of unity and empathy.

Join us in our journey to empower change—one community, one life at a time. Your support matters, and together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most, you can also find us facebook and other social platforms.

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